Our team knows that effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) is crucial for organisations to be both accountable to the citizens that they represent and serve, and/or to their stakeholders and supporters. We know that MEL can contribute to learning and the improvement of work to bring about effective social change.

Illumen incorporates planning, monitoring, evaluation, impact assessment and learning that help organisations and stakeholders to manage and use their resources in order to maximize the positive impact of their programs.

We focus on:

  • Supporting organisations to develop practical, efficient MLE systems, approaches and tools, that are owned by and useful to the people implementing them.

  • Building skills and confidence of practitioners to use, adapt and improve MLE themselves, without having to rely on external experts (including us).

  • Building our own experience in a wide range of specialist areas including MLE of advocacy, MLE of training, M&E of capacity development, participatory MLE, MLE of research, Portfolio-level MLE and many others; we share this knowledge and practice as widely as possible.