Program, Product and Project Management

Illumen offers project finance, project management and program improvement services to ensure timely delivery, on time and on budget for our client needs.

Developing products, managing projects or large programs is a core strength of Illumen. We utilize the latest in operational tech, management systems and agile methodology to ensure goals, deliverables and milestones are met on time and on budget.

When working on a project, we always:

  • Define goals. An effectively management project hinges on having a roadmap that clearly defines the goals to be accomplished. It is important to keep them during the first phase of the project after which, an evaluation is done and everyone determines if the goals were achieved. During the evaluation, some modifications for improvement are made to ensure continuous improvement.

  • List deliverables. Orient stakeholders to a set list of deliverables and ensure familiarity. The project management plan ensures that each deliverable is met.

  • Outline project milestones. Guide the team with a list of project milestones as well as the activities that need to be created and maintained.

  • Create a budget for the project. There should be a detailed estimate of the costs that are needed to complete the deliverables to give the sponsor an idea of the total cost of the project. It will also help guide the project manager in terms of monetary expenses.

  • Choose your team members properly. Although project managers choose members who acquire the various skills needed for each job, it is ideal that these members can work together well. Once the members are identified, the project manager, through the project management plan, clearly explains to them their roles and responsibilities and the various ways that they can communicate for an effective and smooth relationship with each other.

  • Set reporting guidelines. It is essential in any project planning and management that progress reports should be set up. Reports can be presented weekly, monthly or daily. A project planning and management program such as Microsoft Project is a perfect tool for this and can greatly help project teams accomplish their goals.

  • Identify risks. Brainstorm with the team members on the possible risks so that you all can manage them before their onset. Discuss alternative solutions and check if there will be a need to add requirements to meet the deadlines.