Training & Technical Assistance

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Illumen Group Inc. delivers training and technical assistance solutions for customers across industries. Illumen’s services are evidence-informed, culturally targeted and designed to help organizations build their capacity to improve and expand their impact, improve their workforce capacity and to improve outcomes.

Training Development and Implementation

After a diligent customer discovery process, Illumen gains an understanding of the skills, knowledge and behaviors inherent in a program. The training that we develop employs a number of modalities, technologies, and media formats for the greatest possible impact. All of our training is part of a continuous improvement process, utilizing surveys and feedback to iterate, improve as the training develops.

Instructional Systems Design

Our trainers draw on industry standard adult education practices to prepare participants to incorporate new skills once they return to their tasks or theatre of operations. We leverage a network of ISD’s, and our own expertise to develop learning modalities tailored to our customer’s desired outcomes.

Capacity Building

Our team draws on data driven principles and evidence-based quality improvement approaches to guide our end-users through skill development in support of improved customer, patient, and community-level outcomes. The goal of our capacity building services is to produce sustainable change that enables organizations to better achieve their missions. To that end, ILLUMEN works closely with organizations to identify their strengths, assess needs, and develop cost-effective strategies to enhance organizational infrastructure and staff skills and expertise. Capacity building services may include one-on-one and intensive technical assistance, targeted consultation, training, and mentoring.