WE align technology with your most critical business needs

Since 2008, Illumen, Inc., an SBA-certified 8(a) small business, has provided data management, digitization, and software development services to a broad portfolio of clients. Our overarching goal is to improve workflow and access to information.

Enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technology

We help organizations assess the costs, benefits, feasibility and risks of implementing blockchain or distributed ledger technology. By creating a shared system of record among enterprise network members, we enable improved security, greater transparency, and streamlined workflow across operations.


From document scanning to data governance, we provide end-to-end digitization solutions to enhance information access and analysis. We digitize documents, images, and workflows while managing systems, governance and security throughout the entire process.  

Digital Transformation

We align technological needs with strategic goals, empowering our clients with insights that optimize workflow and performance. Our approach accelerates the transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to leverage emerging technology in a strategic and prioritized way.

Training and Learning Management

From classroom-led instruction to simulations and experiential learning, Illumen supports curriculum design and delivery for both broad and niche audiences. This includes working with SMEs with specialized expertise, designing courses with 3D modeling and virtual tour components, and creating assessments that measure impact.

Our Mission:

  • On an average, a billion photocopies are made each day, and a billion sheets of paper a day are used to create a documents that already exists.

  • 3 hours of working time per day is spent by the average office worker in handling paper or carrying out redundant data entry due to poor document management. 

  • Every Year the average Federal Employee prints 2,700 pages of paper that never gets used.

  • About $1.3 billion of the federal government expenditure in a year can be attributed to employee printing.

  • Across the Fortune 1000, office document expenditures exceeded a staggering $217 billion in 2012—more than $7,500 per employee.

  • The EPA estimates that 40% of our garbage is office paper-related.

We are obsessed with efficiency and running simple, clean operations. We think customers, team members, and taxpayers win when we are brought on to help digitize, manage documents and secure data.